What's More American Than Jets, Rockets, and Spacemen?

I recently was able to finally add my first card to my collection from the 1951 Bowman Jets, Rockets, and Spacemen set. I like to think of this as Bowman's version of the Mars Attacks set as it deals with the outer space and aliens and is an equally hard set to build. 
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The set follows the adventures of a rocket ship called 6X52 and over the course of the card storyline they get a new ship 6X53. Dr. Zara and Captain Argo are the main characters and my card (which is #9) tells the story of the 6X52 ship that needs repairs after it ran into some space debris.

The set was released over three series with a full checklist of 108 cards. As is usually the case, the first series is the most available to collectors. I was able to pick this up up for a few bucks from COMC.com


JediJeff said…
With a ship called 6X52, this set should get riffed by MST3K:

Daniel Wilson said…
Cool card with some great character.