July 12, 2016

Three All In The Family Board Game Cards

My favorite cards pickups from the comic and cards show in Virginia this past weekend came from the 50 cent box of non-sports cards at one of the tables that specializes only in non-sports cards. These are three of the cards that came included in the board game created by Milton Bradley for the All In The Family TV show and feature the characters Archie, Mike, and Gloria. The cards have a playing card feel with the numbering in the card's corners and they are shorter and narrower than a standard trading card.

Here is the reverse side design featuring the show's logo.

All In The Family is probably my favorite 70's sitcom and if you haven't seen many episodes, you should, just to get an idea that today's America is not that far removed from that of the early 1970's. We tend to think we are experiencing new difficulties today but in truth they have been going on forever here. Here is a collection of some of the shows best clips:

And here's what the original board game looks like that I took from eBay. It seems that you can get complete games from $10-$20, depending on the condition of the box. Collector interested in the cards can also find an All In The Family card in the 2011 Topps American Pie set #107

There is of course an Edith card that was included in the game but I didn't find in the 50 cents box and I will have to track down as well. This is also a wild card in the game called the "Ding Bat" card which refers to Archie's nickname for his wife. Here's a clip of Mike and Archie debating Edith's time on a jury.

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