This Week In Politics: The U.N. and A Supreme

On today's episode of This Week In Politics, where I share some recent political card pickups, we have a fairly recent Upper Deck card and a vintage political card from an obscure Bowman set. Let's begin with this beauty from the 1951 Bowman Wild Man Picture Cards set which you might think by its unique name might be a set about the wild west or maybe a 50's horror movie. Instead it shows famous moments in the history of mankind like "Hannibal Crosses the Alps" or "Atilla and the Huns." But it also features cards with the unconventional taglines like "The First Murder," "Concentration Camps," and "Poison Gas." This is not your typical political trading card set! Take a look at the set's slogan that appears on the back of each card.

MAN'S PAST is stained with BLOOD; His FUTURE can be bright with PROMISE -- If in the PRESENT he will wage PEACE.

Now this is a set I can get behind. The card I recently picked up, card #31, features a architect's painting of the United Nations that was under construction when the set was released. The peaceful nature of the painting might not clue you in that it was constructed in New York City. 

While Topps gets a lot of press for their celebrity First Pitch inserts, Upper Deck had a few of those in their Season Biography insert set from their 2010 set. These cards fell one per pack and this one is card #SB-191 and features Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor throwing out the first pitch at a New York Yankees game. She was born in the Bronx and has been a life-long Yankees fan.