Let's Celebrate Our Independence Day By Freeing Some Finest

I've been setting the Finest free since 2010 and I've built up quite a few Finest cards since the last time I peeled off some plastic covers. My first subject is an semi-patriotic looking card of Bash Brother Mark McGwire which is from Pinnacle Certified rather than Topps Finest but a plastic sheet is a plastic sheet. 

If you haven't "freed any Finest" (which means peeling off the plastic protector that Topps and Pinnacle frequently used in their late-90's Chrome, Finest, and Certified sets) I highly recommend it. The cards look so much better afterward and don't toys (and cards) deserve to played with outside of their packaging!

The final result is so satisfying!

Let's rip off some more plastic!

And here is another card that has been kept in its plastic prison for far too long! This one is a 1992 Sportflics Kellogg's Tom Seaver that demands to be free!

I really like the reverse side of these cards and the amount of detail that it gives the collector.

Happy 4th everybody!