July 7, 2016

I Don't Think That Is Ryne Sandberg's Signature

You may have seen this image floating around Twitter and trading card new sites/blogs for the upcoming 2016 Topp Tribute set featuring a Kris Bryant and Ryne Sandberg dual autograph. Seeing it again today on Twitter, I realized that the Sandberg autograph on the card looks nothing like how he typically signs. His signature is notoriously messy and it is sometimes hard to find even one letter in the signature that corresponds with this name. Here are some Topps produced examples:

I realize that these cards are sort of prototypes and preproduction ideas of what cards will look like but I would be incredibly surprised is Sandberg's autograph will look anything like that.

I'm a little baffled as to how that got on the card as it is almost like how someone might think Sandberg would sign his name with a perfectly legible signature. It is almost like forging a check. 
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