Wait, How Many #SWCT Packs Are Available?

Over the life of the Star Wars Card Trader app they have included more and more information about the packs available for sale. At first it was just a basic description and percentages of card distribution but now they regularly tell you the odds of pulling an insert in the pack and the other day for the Chewbacca Pack Art Tribute they provided some additional information that really surprised me.

[The entire description wouldn't fit on one screen so I split it over two screen grabs.]

Here's the relevant information, blown up for a better view. In the description, it lists that there were one billion [with a B!] packs available to purchase! At the point of the screen grab there were roughly 39,000 packs purchased already. 

I realize that it would be impossible for all those billion packs to be opened, sending all those cards into the wild but a billion packs really brings into the question the scarcity of these special pixels.

That being said, my Chewbacca insert looks pretty great.