This Week In Politics: Benjamin Harrison "N"

Spending some time in Washington DC has inspired me to get back into regularly posting political cards which are some of my favorite cards to collect. This manufactured patch has been in my "to post" pile for quite some time and so what better time to share it. It is from the 2009 Topps American Heritage set and features what I imagine is the "N" in "Harrison" rather than in "Benjamin." It is numbered #39/50 so it is not that common a card.

Benjamin Harrison is one of the presidents that gets overlooked between the end of the Civil War and the modern presidents of the 20th century. He was squished in the middle between the two separate terms of Grover Cleveland's presidency and helped usher in the first anti-trust legislation through Congress. But more importantly, he was the last president to have a full beard! A few other presidents have had mustaches [Taft and Teddy Roosevelt] but no other candidate has had a full beard since.