The Rookie Card Series: Bob Skinner

 In this series, we do rookie cards and not much else. 

Bob Skinner, fan-favorite of Pittsburgh Pirates backers, played first base for the team during the late-1950's and early-1960's. He helped the 1960 Pirates to upset the New York Yankees in the World Series and was also a member of the 1964 World Series winning St. Louis Cardinals team. Skinner was a two-time All-Star and his best season was in 1962 when he smacked 20 home runs and batted a respectable .302. 

Skinner debuted in the 1955 Topps set #88 (below) and  and you can also find a Skinner appearance in the ultra-rare 1955 Topps Double Headers set. He shares card #55-56 with Cincinnati Reds 3rd baseman Chuck Harmon and you can fold the card over creating two different photos in a single card. 


Eric C. Loy said…
While he is listed as a first baseman, he actually played left field for most of his career, including exclusively in the 1960 season.