Heartbreaking Damage: Used Checklists

In this series we highlight the cards that have seen better days but the rough times have made them infinitely more interesting. You can find previous Heartbreaking Damage entries HERE

I enjoy collecting vintage checklists, the more used the better. It seems to me that very few modern checklists ever get used or showed the love that these three checklists I'm highlighting experienced back in the day. I'm guilty of that as I've never tracked my progress in completing a set the old fashioned way and so I live vicariously through these cards. 

We begin with one of my few Mickey Mantle cards. Mantle appeared on two checklists over his career, the first being the 2nd series checklist from 1967 Topps and this one from 1969 Topps #412 that covers series 5. The collector who had this checklist was making very good progress on the series and only had a handful of cards to track down including a Johnny Bench and Bob Gibson.  I enjoy also the multi-colored pens used to check-off the cards that were in their collection. 

The earlies of the three checklists is Jim Kaat's appearance in the 4th series of 1967 Topps #278. The collector here had about half of the series to go but they had tracked down several of the keys cards of the series including Lou Brock, Gaylord Perry, Carl Yastrzemski, and Ferguson Jenkins.

Although the first two checklist might give you trouble as to figuring out which set they are from with just a quick glance, the design of Frank Robinson's checklist is obviously from 1968 Topps. This collector nearly has a complete series 6 as he/she is missing just three cards of the 75-card set and that includes Robinson's own card which is #500.