Common Genius: 1956 Topps Bill Sarni #256

**In this series I try to show the brilliance of common cards that often get overlooked.**

For card collectors on a budget that can't own an original 1956 Topps Jackie Robinson, you have an alternative option! If you take a closer look at Bill Sarni's 1956 Topps card #247 that is Jackie Robinson sliding into home. You can pick up this one for about 10% of the value of Robinson's card. 

Sarni was the St. Louis Cardinals catcher for parts of five seasons in the 1950's and had cards in 1954 Topps (which is his rookie card), 1955 Bowman, and 1957 Topps. An interesting career note was that during a game in 1954 played during a heatwave, he, and the opposing catcher, were allowed to catch the game without their chest protectors.