An Intact and Complete Andy Pafko Royal Desert Box

I wish I could say that this item was in my Andy Pafko collection but instead it was recently listed and sold on eBay. This is a unopened boy of Royal pudding dating from 1950. It looks a little worse for wear as you might expect being 66 years old and all.

If you flip the box over you will see that it features a trading card of my favorite baseball player, Andy Pafko. Royal Desserts issued these cards on a variety of different dessert products with this box being a butterscotch pudding. In total there were 24 players and nearly every player's card has at least one grammatical variation to try to track down. The box below is the third variation which ends the second paragraph with Pafko's weight at 190 pounds.

Perfect copies can go for over $100 and this box ended up going for $38.00.

Another rare Pafko item that appeared on eBay recently was this advertisement for a scorekeeper baseball ring that would keep track of balls and strikes. This was available as a promotion from Quaker Oats for just 15 cents plus you get a Pafko autograph as well. This has been listed and re-listed several times at a $120 price tag.  


Fuji said…
Wow... that's a pretty cool piece of sports memorabilia. I can't imagine there are a lot of unopened boxes of pudding still laying around. $38 seems like a pretty good price.