2015 Blip Toys Marvel Pixelated Heroes Series 1

I'm not feeling motivated to open proper baseball cards, so I am turning to this interesting product to feed my need to rip open SOMETHING! These packs hold one small pixelated bobble head of a Marvel hero put out by Blip Toys. You can find quite a few Marvel heroes that were in Captain America: Civil War and a few that weren't, like Hulk and Thor. No Black Panther though.

:Here's the list of possible figures that is featured on the packaging.

Iron Man / Hulk / Captain America / Thor / Ant-Man / War Machine / Black Widow / Vision

Plus there is a figure in "stealth armor" who I imagine is Iron Man with a different suit. I'm hoping for a Vision as he was one of my favorites as a kid.

Let's see what I pulled. It turned out to be Ant-Man which makes me very happy. These are just about perfect for a little cubicle or a desk that doesn't have too much space and at $3.99 per package I think that they are a nice deal.