Recent Star Wars Singles

 As it is May the 4th and all, here are a couple Star Wars card singles from various recent sets that I added to my collection from COMC.

Admiral Ackbar's wanted poster comes from 2014 Topps Chrome and I love how under his offenses listed on the back of the card it includes "design and creation of unlicensed war machines." As you can see from the front, you can receive 40,000 Imperial credits for information leading to his capture. Is 40,000 a lot of credits?

Well, we know of a few transactions from the films that can give us an idea of how high a bounty was placed on the Admiral. In Episode IV, Obi-Wan hires Han Solo for 2,000 credits with a 15,000 bonus when reaching Alderaan. In The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon Jinn tries to buy a hyperdrive for 20,000 credits from Watto. So 40,000 for Ackbar seems pretty low, in my opinion.

A great insert set from 2015 Topps Star Wars Chrome features some neat propaganda posters. Some of them are a little cheesy as they use images from the films rather than original art. This one is my favorite as really has the feel of a World War II era poster. 

If you have ever held any of the Star Wars Masterwork cards in your hands, you know that they are some of the thickest cards out there add that gives them the feel that they are "important" why not feature a man getting strangled on the front of one of them! Admiral Motti of course survives this encounter with Darth Vader only to die when the Death Star is destroyed. 

I joked on Twitter that I'm celebrating May The 4th Be With You with a new Star Wars card featuring  one of my favorite actors, Wil Wheaton! I was hoping for someone to explain to me that he was on Star Trek, not Star Wars, but maybe everyone is just too "with it" nowadays.