Popping The Top On A Can Of 1999 Upper Deck Choice

A few days ago I opened a can of 1997 Pinnacle Inside and today we are opening the second can-o-cards which comes from the 1999 Upper Deck Choice set. Like the first can, the Upper Deck can features Cal Ripken Jr. on the front and in total there are six different cans you can find in the set. 

In total, I get five cards which includes four base cards and one Grand Slam Record Breakers insert.

After opening the can I found a pack and one loose card which turned out to be a Barry Bonds Grand Slam Record Breakers insert. Was this the insert that I was promised on the can or just an interesting bonus card?

Here's the wrapper. Overall, I would say that these cards were in better condition than the cards in the first can.

Opening the pack, the first card was a Sammy Sosa Record Breakers insert so the Bonds card looks to be an bonus in the can.

My other four cards are a nice group as they are all players I collect. First we have Chipper Jones and Big Cat who was a Brave during the 1997 and 1999 seasons after missing 1998 due to injury. 

I also got an Adrian Beltre rookie! Whoa, whoa, whoa...let's back up a step. Although it says "Rookie Class" on his card, you can find Beltre's rookie in 1997 Bowman and Bowman Chrome. And lastly, who doesn't need more Albert Belle cards in their collection?


Anonymous said…
I didn't know that Upper Deck tried the can thing as well. I thought lessons had been learned after Pinnacle Inside.

Apparently Upper Deck had some other lessons to learn, like how to spell "Ripken". (Ouch.)
mike said…
If Topps made a can that year they would have had Mickey Mantel cards. Awful error on the Ripken!
Fuji said…
Very cool. Not sure how I missed UD producing cards packaged in cans... since I was deep into collecting back in 99. Gonna have to see who the other five cans were. Hopefully the made one for my favorite players: Toni Gwinn, Ricky Hendersen, and/or Gregg Maddox.