Marvel At My Mojo #2: Commemorative Thingies From Topps

In recent years, Topps has gotten away from including commemorative patches (which are one of my favorite "hit" cards to collect) in their blasters and instead went with other commemorative "thingies," such as medallions and rings. Here are two of my recent "thingy" pickups which were each a couple bucks at a card show.

In 2015 Topps you could find medallions that honored the first home runs hit by some of the best sluggers in the game. My medallion honors Ryan Howard's first home run which was hit on September 11th, 2004. Just two seasons later Howard would hit 58 home runs and win the National League MVP award. While Howard hits a respectable amount of home runs (23 the past two seasons) it seems to be a miracle if he break a .240 batting average. 

In 2014 Topps, collectors could pull class ring pins that honored 50 different players and their "rookie classes." Justin Verlander debuted in the 2005 season but met the rookie definition during the 2006 season when he would win the American League Rookie of the Year by going 17-9. Sure, Verlander has also won a Cy Young Award and a Most Valuable Player but his best trick is certainly getting Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton to marry him