Heartbreakingly Great Names #38: Frank Funk

**This series highlights those few lucky [and unlucky] athletes that have names that make you stop and do a double take.**

Today we highlight the brief career a Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Braves pitcher with the awesome name of Frank Funk. Used exclusively as a reliever (he never started a game in his career), he pitched in 137 games over four seasons. Funk finished his career with a 20-17 record and 18 saves with an impressive 3.01 ERA. 

This is Funk's rookie card from 1961 Topps and you can find further Funk appearances in 1962, 1963, and 1964 Topps. In 2013 Topps Heritage (which used the 1964 Topps design) you can find stamped buybacks and autographed reprints.

Funk also served as a minor league coach and you can find minor league cards featuring him put out by TCMA, Sky Box, and Fleer from the late 80's and early 90's. 


JediJeff said…
I wonder if Frank was a member of Parliament:

Wish he'd been on a team with a player named Johnny Noise. Imagine the marketing....