Card Show Treasure Trove #2: What's Better Than A Tony Gwynn Rookie?

At this past weekend's Atlanta card show, I finally tracked down a copy of a card I've been looking for for quite a while, Tony Gwynn's 1983 Topps rookie. It's not a perfect example, that's for certain, as it is miss-cut with added corner dings but the price was perfect as I was really just interested in adding it to the collection (and taking it off the "collecting goals" list). 

But to be honest with you, this wasn't my favorite card that I came upon this past weekend. What could possibly top Gwynn's glorious backside? 

This bad boy! A George Harrison card from the the 1st series of the 1964 Topps Beatles Black and White set. I'm sure that blue facsimile signature tricked a few people into thinking they have stumbled upon an amazing autographed card. Sure, it's a great card but what really puts it over the Gwynn?

If you have read my blog for a while you will know that I'm a huge fan or damaged cards (and I've written about the subject A LOT) and this Harrison card delivers an interesting surprise on the back. A Beatles fan at some point decided to take it upon themselves to add Harrison's biographical information to the mostly blank back of the Topps set. Topps only included the card number toward the bottom of the card,which gives the collector plenty of space to add what type of guitar Harrison played, how much he weighed, his eye color.


Tony Burbs said…
His height and weight are fascinating and all, but what about his slugging and on-base percentages. Didn't that kid know what stats really count???
mike said…
I stumbled across a pile of these Beatles cards in my grandparents basement a few years ago. They have long since been sold, but the find was interesting. I thought for a minute they were little postcards the way the cards were constructed and with nothing on the backs other than the numbers. Good, unique find! BTW, I was looking for a Gwynn rookie at the National last year for you and the best I could find was $12, which was weird to see them that high. Figured I could do better on eBay then got too selective...glad you were able to cross it off the list.