A Pat Neshek Autograph Baseball + A Surprise In My Twins Pile

Here's a quick post tonight as it is late in the day and I need my consecutive blog days streak to remain in check. I received this autographed baseball of one of my favorite players, former Minnesota Twins reliever, Pat Neshek. This came to me as birthday present from my longtime trading partner Reader Mike D. 

Neshek's autograph is certainly one of the most unique signatures out there with the first letter looking like a balloon, a light bulb, or maybe a baseball with the seems drawn in. This ball also has his Twins jersey #17 and "MN Twins" inscribed. 

And sorting through some Twins cards that were also sent by Mike over the past few months I struck some gold! I gave this card a second look, which is a 2015 Bowman card of Oswaldo Arcia. Oswaldo was a promising prospect following the 2014 season when he hit 20 home runs over 103 games. He spent most of 2015 in AAA however and in 2016 has found himself back in the outfield again.

 As I haven't purchased any new 2015 or 2016 Topps/Bowmann baseball packs (although I received a few as gifts), I didn't notice that this was an extremely rare red variation which seems to be found 1:2360 packs. And flipping the card over, it is numbered 5/5...a true eBay 1/1!

Thanks as always Mike!


Trevor P said…
I love ebay 1/1s!
Fuji said…
Sweet ball. Didn't you know... all pitchers with unique deliveries have unique signatures.