Why Yes, Lee Walls, I Am Looking Right At Your Tint

The old story goes that as Topps was preparing the 3rd series of their wooden-framed 1962 Topps set, they decided to answer the higher demand for the 2nd series of cards and produce more of that series. Their regular printer at the time, Zabel Brothers, were going to be focused on the 3rd series and so another printer was chosen to handle creating the additional 2nd series cards.  

As collectors know, that printing didn't go so well as the magenta colored plates were either not used or the color used was poorly made, creating background skies with a green tint and yellowish skin tones on the players featured. 

I recently picked up a green tint '62 card of Dodger's outfielder Lee Walls at our local Atlanta card show. If you are looking to track down one of these cards, the cards to look for are #110 through #196  on the checklist and Walls' card is #129. 

Walls played for 10 seasons with five teams with his best season being in 1958 with the Chicago Cubs when he batted .304 and hit 24 home runs. The cartoon on the back of his 1962 card highlights that great season.


Stack22 said…
How many collector's out there, a full '62 set already in had, are tracking down all the "green" variants? At some point I'll tackle this set, but I can't imagine feeling the need to track these variations, albeit interesting variations, down.
gcrl said…
that walls is a photo variation, too.