Some Opening Day Braves Cards

The Braves lost their Opening Day game as Bryce Harper continues to became the face of baseball. I imagine Braves fans were feeling a little bit like this sticker I came upon while driving through a drive-up the other day. 

I've lived in the Atlanta area for one baseball season and I'm sad to say that I didn't make it to a game last year. As they are taking part in their last season at Turner Field before moving out of Atlanta for the northern suburbs, I have to pull things together and get to at least a couple games.

Here are a few Braves cards I picked up from eBay and a recent card show. A while back I wrote a top 10 list of Warren Spahn cards for The Cardboard Connection and one card that I fell in love with when I was doing my research was Spahn's 1964 Topps Giants #31.

These cards are over-sized at 3 1/8 inches by 5 1/4 inches and were Topps' first postcard size cards. Most of the cards include great portrait photography with the most famous cards being Mickey Mantle's card and two short prints of Sandy Koufax and Willie Mays.

Rather than including basic statistics on the back, Topps created a faux newspaper headline about each player and Spahn's highlights his 350th victory which took place during the 1963 season.

Flipping through the stacks at the card show I wasn't expecting to find a Hank Aaron card for fifty cents. It's from the oddball 1971 season that saw mediocre hitter Joe Torre explode to lead the league in RBIs and batting with a .363 average.

This Orlando Cepeda card is from 1971 Bazooka set which was divided into numbered and unnumbered versions. This card is from the unnumbered set as the numbered set has a line that reads "No. __ OF 48 CARDS" printed at the bottom of the card. Cepeda was included in a panel on Bazooka gum boxes along with Pete Rose and Bert Campaneris with uncut panels reaching prices of about $100.00.


Tony Burbs said…
As a media professional, I Love the faux newspaper headline on the back of the Spahn. I didn't realize that that's what's on the back of those big guys.