Show and Tell #126: Cards On Cards Trade From 2015

 Like my last Show and Tell, this trade with Cards and Cards happened quite a long time ago but I guess it is better late than never to show you the highlights. 

This Robin Yount rookie card from 1975 Topps reprint commemorative patch could be pulled from 2014 Topps blasters. I am a huge commemorative patch collector and I think there will be a post in the near future completely devoted to them. 

My Dad once found a Robin Yount rookie card at a yard sale in Wisconsin among a collection he picked up for a few pennies per card. He gave me the cards and the Yount is probably my all-time favorite card because of it. I think it is my father's greatest deal from a thrift sale he's ever found. 

He also sent a couple mascot cards from 2015 Topps Opening Day. Both of the mascots from the White Sox and the Kansas City Royals aren't properly named on their cards by Topps. The Royals mascot is called Sluggerrr and has been their mascot since 1996. The green creature that the White Sox call their mascot is called Southpaw which is a reference to the South Side of Chicago where the White Sox play.

Thanks Madding for sending the cards and for the trade!