Show and Tell #125: Twitch Twins

An embarrassingly long time ago (like in 2015), @TwitchWasHere sent me some Twins and I probably owe him something back which I will take care of shortly. My favorite card from the bunch is this 1978 Hostess All-Star Team Rod Carew which I didn't have yet. 

As you can tell, these had to be cut out of the Hostess desert packaging and they came in groups of three cards per package. In total there are 150 cards in the set and some cards are pretty rare as they were included on the packages of the lesser known Hostess products and probably never made it out of the packaging and into collector's hands. Also, did you know that Rod Carew's middle name was Cline?

Another Carew, this time from 1976 Topps. It is probably one of the most famous chewing tobacco cards as Carew has a huge bulge in his cheek. 

A third Carew that stumped me at first as to what exactly it was. It was clearly a new card but the design looked familiar but out of my wheelhouse of baseball card knowledge. A few clicks later, I'm reminded that this is from the 2013 Topps Archives set who thought it would be interesting to include some players in the 1972-1973 Topps Basketball design. There were 20 cards in the insert set and you could find them at an impressively difficult 1:24 hobby packs. Thanks Twitch for that insert! 

Along with Carew cards, I also got a 1962 Topps Jim Kaat. Kaat's rookie is from 1960 Topps and I think I still need one of those although I have most of his early Twins cards. Kaat is still the Twins' most winning pitcher with 190 wins.

I really love Frank Viola's 1984 Topps card as it shows how strong and wide open his windup was. He kicked his leg nearly as high as fellow-left hander Warren Spahn famously did. This was Viola's second-year card after his rookies were in 1983 Topps, Donruss, and Fleer.


Tony Burbs said…
Those basketball inserts from Archives are awesome. I wish we'd see a little bit more cross-sport design borrowing like that; it would keep things fresh in a pretty tired product.