How I Feel About Digital Trading Cards

I go on the Star Wars Card Trader app daily to get my free coins and I have about 8,500 cards on there. I've never spent a penny on the app and I'm pretty sure I never will. It's fun to see the new Star Wars cards but not enough to actually put some real money down on it. I've also used Topps Bunt. Again, no money has ever gone to it as the app is beyond frustrating to use.

But it seems that digital trading cards are becoming more and more popular and might come to dominate the hobby someday with physical releases taking a back seat. I just don't get it and my feelings about the topic remind me a brief seen from the movie Diner in which two of the main characters see a woman riding a horse in the country. I've taken the clip and added how I think it relates to the trading card collectors vs. digital trading cards conundrum.

How I Feel About Digital Trading Cards from Matt Flaten on Vimeo.


I agree Matt. I'm on both apps as well, but I just don't understand why some people spend hundreds of dollars on virtual cards that they'll never have in their possession (physically). Just seems like a waste to me. I don't mind selling some of my "virtual" cards so that I can purchase physical cards. I guess it just depends on the individual.
night owl said…
They may one day dominate "the hobby" (and that's still debatable), but they'll never dominate "my hobby." In fact, they're two distinct hobbies and I have no interest in the virtual one.