Gorman Thomas Wallet Card Update

It's been well over a year since adding my 1980 Topps Gorman Thomas to my wallet and so let's take a look at how it is going for the old wallet card. 

Actually, not too bad. You can see where a groove has been formed in the card where one of my debit cards usually sits and the bottom left corner seems to have something growing on it. I know some of you out there have retired a few wallet cards over the course of the year but I'm surprised how well Gorman has been doing. 

I'm definitely at the point that I've forgotten I have the card in there. I'm sure I've gone to a few places that I should have whipped out my Gorman and taken a picture buy my wallet card has faded into the back of my mind I'm afraid.

I was only really reminded of it when I picked up this Gorman Thomas Fun Foods pin at a recent card show. These were issued in 1985 in packs of three pins per pack from hobby stores and I believe that you could buy a complete set as well.

The reverse side features the players position and batting average which for Thomas is an embarrassing .157.The 1984 season was mainly lost due to rotator cuff surgery made him a designated hitter for the rest of his career after being a quality center fielder.


Fuji said…
Lol. I'm still carrying my wallet card around too. I made the mistake of picking a one of those mid 90's EX cards, so my Gwynn is probably gonna last longer than my actual wallet.
My wallet card looks bad. Real bad.