Cleaning Out The Scan Folder: 4/10/2016

In this regular post series, I clean out my trading card scan folder for cards that would probably never get their own blog post. 

First up we have an Eddie Robinson 1953 Red Man Tobacco card with the bottom tab missing. If you aren't familiar with Robinson, he was a four-time All-Star who became a journeyman first baseman for nine teams over his career. He's still with us at 95 years old and is the last remaining member of the 1948 Cleveland Indians World Series team still alive.

Next up we have five common 1962 Post Cereal cards in varying degrees of fair to poor condition. One of the five, Chuck Essegian, set a record by hitting two pinch-hit home runs in the World Series during the 1959 series.

And in a continuation of cards that were probably cut out by children, here's a card that I personally cut out of some cardboard in the late 1980's. As I was going through some boxes my parents delivered to our house last year, I came upon this G.I.Joe info card on Gung-Ho. And thanks to this card, I now know that Gung-Ho's name is Ettienne LaFitte.

Here's a great X-Men painting card showing the original X-Men team and the 1993 versions of the characters. We have Beast with blue fur and Angel having been turned into Archangel by Apocalypse. This card came from a small set of cards issued by Pizza Hut in 1993 and I imagine kids could get them when ordering a personal pan pizza. 

Here are two Jurassic Park cards issued by Topps in 1993. I wonder if there is a topless Jeff Goldbloom card from this set? Scanning through the COMC cards for sale from the set, it doesn't appear to be the case. There are also versions of these cards that have the little Jurassic Park logo in the right corner gold foil stamped for added value!

I have a new dog, her name is Scarlett, and I'm pretty sure she's going to learn how to open door handles like a raptor someday. 

I really have no idea what this card is beyond it seems to have Alf on the front and are like Garbage Pail Kids with more information. Does anyone else out there have any of these cards or know where they came from? 

My favorite Marvel villain is Galactus and so his card from the 1993 Topps Marvel set was one of my favorites. Galactus is about the fifth or sixth strongest character in the Marvel Universe and as you might remember was nearly ruined as the antagonist in the second Fantastic Four movies with Jessica Alba.

He has nearly a perfect score on the Marvel scale of powers except for mental powers which helps explain how the Earth hasn't yet been destroyed by the Eater-Of-Worlds. 


CaptKirk42 said…
Nice stuff the Bouillabaseball cards are an insert set from the 1987 Topps Alf cards. Each pack had 5 cards (4 base* 1 BBaseball card) and 1 stickers.
Josh D. said…
Bouillabaseball was the sport on Melmac that used seafood instead of a ball.
Josh D. said…
Bouillabaseball was the sport on Melmac that used seafood instead of a ball.