Card Show Treasure Trove #1: 1985 Fun Foods Pins and 1971 Topps Coins

One of the sellers at a recent card show had a box full of baseball coins and pins at some pretty good prices. He had 1971 Topps Coins for five for $1.00 with some of the bigger names at $1.00 each. Someone had cleared out most of coins but I was able to find a Dock "I pitched a no-hitter on LSD" Ellis...

...and a Twins legend Jim Perry who is Gaylord Perry's brother. In the interesting fact department, Jim and Gaylord are the only brothers to have both won Cy Young award.

Here are the other three coins to round out my dollar's worth of coins.

The other pin set that was going for five for $1.00 was the 1985 Fun Foods set. This set had way more pin available and I got to pick up quite a few personal favorites like Paul Molitor, Kent Hrbek, Burt Blyleven, and Bruce Sutter.

I wanted to get my Fun Foods info correct (like although the copyright on the back of the pins says 1984, the pins were actually issued in 1985) so I whipped out my Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards, flipped to page 712, and was flabbergasted to find that one of these pins books at $50.00!! It looks like a spelling variation of Gary Gaetti's pin is pretty rare and valuable. Was I smart enough to have grabbed a Gaetti without even knowing I might have been holding a steal? Yes, I was...

...but it was just the corrected spelling version #131b. No mega deal here and, frankly, if it had turned out to be the variation, I would have been very surprised that the seller I bought it from had let that slip by him.


Tony Burbs said…
Looks like you'd have made a lot of "coin" if that Gary was a Garry! Sorry, no more terrible puns for me.

Those are some pretty nifty little oddball items.