Birthday Contest! Help Me Celebrate Another Trip Around The Sun!

Along with Al Pacino, Tim Duncan, Ella Fitzgerald, Oliver Cromwell, Edward R. Murrow, Renee Zellweger, and Joe Buck, today is my birthday! Even without this fact, April 25th has also been officially selected as the best day of the year. 

And so in honor of my taking another trip around the sun, I've decided to hold a birthday contest. The winners will win this group of hits, with a chance for more cards if we are able to get a lot of people involved in the contest. 

I remember receiving a lot of trading cards on my birthday from my parents as it was close to the release date of the Topps flagship sets during my younger days. So to enter this contest, leave a comment on this post sharing a trading card gift you've received (it doesn't necessarily have to be for a birthday). What did you receive? Was it great?  Was it disappointing? 

You have until the end of the day on Thursday, April 28th to enter the contest. Shortly thereafter, I will randomize the entries and a winner will be selected. The five relics pictured above will be given to the winner but if we get more than 50 entries I will add more to the prize pool. Here's how it will break down:

1-50 Entries: The group of five relics pictured above.
50-75 Entries: An additional 20 vintage cards from the 1960's and earlier.
75-100 Entries: An additional Hall of Famer autograph.
More than 100: Even more cards! Details to follow.

So please spread the word about the contest as it could be worth your while! Share the link on Twitter or maybe do a brief blog post about it if you have a card blog. Good luck!


Twitch said…
Happy birthday and thanks for the contest! My very first cards (as far as I can remember) were seven packs of 1991 Upper Deck baseball from a kid named James on my seventh birthday (in 1992).
My first cards were 1994-1995 Topps hockey which my father and I.opened up in a grocery store parking lot (remember when cards were sold there) even though we didn't watch hockey. It was a fun bust and was one of many we did like that. All I remember was pulling some shiny ones.
Forgot to mention these were memorable for my birthday being my first packs and something my father and I began to bond over.

Have a great birthday
Adam said…
Happy birthday! As far as gifts go, I spent about a week in children's hospital with a really bad illness in second grade and once I was released, my mom bought be a box of 1993 Donruss as a get well present.
Daniel Wilson said…
Happy birthday! I remember getting a box of 1991 Upper Deck baseball for Christmas one year from my parents. I pulled the Michael Jordan SP card and was super excited!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday. Wife bought me 2015 Bowman blasters for a pre-Birthday sure why not.
JediJeff said…
I tend to only get cards when I buy them myself. I believe the last time I got cards for any occasion not purchased by myself was a few Christmases ago in my stocking. A couple packs of whatever Topps product was still on the shelf - Update I think.
defgav said…
Thanks for the contest!
I recall getting a small lot of 80s Reggie Jackson cards as a birthday gift when I was a kid. He was the first guy I really collected, so it was pretty cool.
Nice! So many to choose from. I got cards a lot for special occasions. I have to go with Christmas 1998 when my Grandma got me the set of Danbury Mint gold Yankee cards. I remember looking at her in disbelief saying "Nonna....." The set actually was only half complete, as the rest were delivered a few at a time over the next few months.
night owl said…
Happy birthday.

I always wanted cards in my Easter basket and never got them, so there's my gift disappointment.

For positive card-gift remembrances, I'll go with when I was 9 and I got sick and had to go to the doctor. Afterward my dad and I stopped at the drug store to fill the prescription and I got a pack of '75 Topps cards and a candy bar. I'm so old they don't make that kind of candy bar anymore, but I really liked it.

mike said…
I have three specific times, and briefly, they were:
1) Christmas 1987 I got the Christmas version complete set of 1987 Topps from the Hook's Drugs down the street. I was the man in class when school came back because I not only had both McGwire and Canseco, but the Wally Joyner and Bo Jackson cards!
2) For my birthday in 1992, my dad bought me a stack of Series I and Series II Fleer Ultra baseball. He gave them to me at a Red Lobster and I opened them right at the table. All 20-some packs of them! I got a Roger Clemens insert and couldn't have been happier.
3) For Christmas in 1989, my uncle bought us all 1989 Donruss wax boxes, and more importantly, gave us autographs of some guy we had never heard of but was his son's roommate at Eastern Michigan University. I still have the card, a 1989 Fleer John Smoltz autographed card. He's still my all-time favorite non-Cub.
Captain Canuck said…
I could mention all of the fellow bloggers who I have received gifted cards from, but that would take too long. Same goes for the local collectors who meet up for trade night at one of the local shops. Too many again.
That's the greatest thing about this hobby.

If you want specifics, then how about the box of Gypsy Queen I got last week for my birthday?

Happy ANZAC Day!
Corky said…
In 2003 I was going through a seizure study so I was in the hospital for a week and bed bound so my spirits were running very low and my wife (now ex wife) brought our 3 year old son to visit and she brought me a box of 2003 SP Game Used Edition football all to surprise me and my son sat in bed with me and we opened packs together.
Stealing Home said…
By coincidence I just received a gift of cards from a friend. They were some cheap repacks that were a massive disappointment as far as the cards went. But a nce gesture from a friend.
Happy Birthdaaaayyyyyy!!!
deal said…
Favorite Card gift is from when my girlfriend (now wife) was working abroad for several months including my b-day. She picked up some packs of 2007 Heritage before she left and had a friend of hers mail them w/ a card when My birthday came up. In an era (not that long ago) by before decent phone coverage and Skype it was a fun gift to receive.
AdamE said…
Two years ago I got cards for father's day. It was the first time I got cards as a gift since I was a kid.
Adam Kaningher said…
My dad got me a 1959 Topps Robin Roberts. I maybe 10 or 11, my little punk self complained about the centering. But it's still in my collection, and it remained my oldest card for a long, long time.
Wilson said…
A gift I got when I was probably 10 or 11, and still have, was a wooden trading card box with a hinged lid and my name on the top. It's just about the size of an 800-count box, so it can't hold a huge portion of my collection, but it's a nice box to reserve for special cards.
Jafronius said…
The Wifey included a repack tin amongst my birthday gifts one year. Target had it on clearance because the plastic wrapping was removed, but it was still sealed. It was the first time I had opened a repack and the first time I was given cards for an occasion. The big advertisement on the tin was that it included a Ken Griffey Jr gold insert.

Happy birthday and thanks for the contest!
Unknown said…
Happy Birthday -when I was 12, my grandfather gave me a stack of cards that he had sitting on his shelf. They sat there my whole life, but he would never let me touch them. Then he gave them to me and I took the rubber band off (yup, I know) and it was a stack of about 25 cards, all 1959 Topps including Mickey Mantle & Al Kaline. Since then, I started working in the set. Only 2 more cards to go!
Unknown said…
Every birthday i get a hobby box of cards. I love it and cant wait to rip it open!
Unknown said…
When I was young I would the baseball cards (Topps). I would eat the gum and give the cards away. Didn't have a clue about collecting or saving my cards....but anyway Happy Birthday🎶🎵🎶♩🎹🎤 2 u!!!
Unknown said…
When I was younger I would buy baseball cards, I would eat the gum and give the cards to my friends. I didn't have a clue about collecting baseball cards or that they would be collectibles, but anyway Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday 🎵🎶🎵🎶🎹🎤 2 U!!!!!

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