After Complaining About Digital Trading Cards, Let Me Show Off Some Star Wars Digital Trading Cards

Just a few days ago I was complaining about digital trading cards and how I don't really understand them so let's be slightly hypocritical and do a post exclusively made up with digital cards. I log into Star Wars Card Trader every day to get my free coins and had close to a 1,000,000 coins earlier this week when I noticed a Signature Box in the Cantina for 900,000 coins that guaranteed me a signature card. Now I have never pulled a signature card from the digital packs and so my desire to own these "rare pixels" was too much and I spent nearly all my coins for 15 cards.  

The pack is divided between orange and green variants and those are some of the most rare variations available. For the uninitiated, the order goes white, blue, red, green, orange, pink in terns of rarity but, given the nature of the Star Wars Card Trader market, the number of cards continues to climb over time.

I ended up with five orange cards with my favorite being Bala-Tik, the smuggler cheated by Han Solo in The Force Awakens. I have a feeling that he will appear in the other films, still trying to get revenge on the new owners of the Millennium Falcon. 

Although the orange backgrounds are more rare than the green backgrounds, I prefer the green much, much more. I received eight green variations with my favorite being John Boyega's Finn.  

As you might have noticed from the box description, I was guaranteed one autograph and had a 15% chance of getting a second autograph card. Wouldn't you know it, I hit a second autograph. Let's see what I pulled.

First up we have prequel Jedi Shaak Ti played by Orli Shoshan who has really only appeared in the Star Wars films. Although she doesn't die on screen in the prequels (and so her death is not canon in the new Disney Star Wars Cinematic Universe), if you've watched the deleted scenes from the Episode III, you can see her potential death twice as it was filmed with General Grievous and Anakin. If you are a fan of "bad movies that are great" check out the deleted scenes as they don't have completed special effects and it looks about as good as the effects in The Amazing Bulk.

My second autograph is of General Madine played by Dermot Crowley. Madine planned the attack on the shield generator on Endor in Return of the Jedi and in the expanded universe, Madine was a former member of the Empire who defected to the Rebels. His first name is Crix, by the way.

So those two autographs are by far the best pulls I've had from a pack as I haven't put any money into the app. What's the best digital trading card you've ever pulled? 


JediJeff said…
I'll still rail on the digital cards. Fun, but just not the same and the fun wears off really quick when all I am doing is looking at JPGs of stuff, If I wanted a JPG of Crix Madine's auto, I would go to ebay. Or look at the real one I have hanging on the wall 5 feet away.
Fuji said…
I'm so lost on these digital cards. So there are autographs that are considered "hits"... but they're only digital copies? I must be missing something. I guess ignorance is truly bliss.