Where Was The Most Unexpected Place You Have Found Trading Cards For Sale?

As trading card collectors I think that we have all experienced the pleasant surprise of finding trading cards for sale in unexpected places. It could be finding some cards dropped off at your local Goodwill, or a dollar store, or possibly shop that you would never suspect to find some cardboard for sale. 

I recently had an interesting experience in that third category while visiting the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in downtown Atlanta. In their gift shop located in the house next to King's birthplace home I came upon two smaller complete sets featuring Negro League players. The top set is from the early 1990's and was produced Historic Limited Editions who were known for their postcard series including sets of veteran Yankee and Dodgers players. These were limited to 5,000 sets as the back of the cards say and the shop was selling them at $15.95. 

The bottom set is probably the most famous and complete Negro League set featuring the top stars from the league. The set was issued in 1986 by Fritsch Card Company and includes 119 cards 
in total. As you can see the front has red text while the reverse side has blue. The museum was asking $24.95 for the complete set and looking at eBay that seems just a little over what they typically go for. 

I passed on the sets at the time as I didn't have the patience to figure out if this was a good deal or not but if I make it back there I will probably pick up the Fritsch set. So that is my story, what's yours? Where was the most unexpected place you have found trading cards for sale?


Fuji said…
Not sure if this counts, since they weren't actually for sale... but last year I found cards at Dave N' Busters (adult arcade). They were packs of Topps baseball used as prizes that could be redeemed with tickets you won by playing games.

As for actually being on sale... I remember going to a Christian book store and seeing Bible trading cards. I didn't buy any... but thinking back on it... how cool would it be to own a Jesus Christ rookie card?
mike said…
Fuji, wondering what the relics would be of for a Jesus rookie set? If the market is oversaturating sets with Kris Bryant rookie year stuff, or Bryce Harper, etc. then surely you could get sandal relics in Immaculate (that's ironic), possibly hay from the manger, stone from the boulder moved during the resurrection, wood from the cross? Noah's arc relics? Possibilities are endless!
mike said…
Except Topps would have to put a disclaimer on there saying the wood from the cross is not from a specific crucifixion, before Christ or anno domini.
Fuji said…
Lol... very true. I'm pretty sure the day I see a Noah's Ark relic is the day I call it quits.
Commishbob said…
I was at the King Center in January but passed up the gift shop due to time. The second set is still sold by Fritch but I'm not sure about the postcard set which is one I'd have given thought to buying as I'm a postcard guy.