January 24, 2016

Heartbreakingly Great Names #37: Discovering Matt Batts

I've got a thing about player's names. I mean, I've written 36 posts on some of greatest names in sports history. I've always been disappointed that although "Matthew" or "Matt" is one of the most common names around there have been no players "Matthew" that have made it to the Hall of Fame. As far as greatness goes, I think my fellow "Matt"s peaked at Matt Williams [whose cards I collect because of it]. Tiger's catcher Matt Nokes certainly had the title of favorite "Matt" from about 1988-1991 and after that it's been Matt Williams ever since.

While flipping through a box of discount vintage the last time the traveling vintage card show stopped in Atlanta, I came across this 1952 Topps card of a player I had never heard of before: Matt Batts. I love those moments when something new and exciting comes into focus in the baseball card game. I've been buying and writing about baseball cards for many years now and it's sometimes easy to feel like you've seen it all before.

#230 Matt Batts
Matt. Batts. What a great name. A new project of mine will be to track down all available Matt Batts cards which I find is a surprising amount considering I don't believe I had ever come across one in all my card show box sorting experience. 

Plus, learning a little more about his 10-year career in the majors, he looks like a player you would want to root for. In his single season with the St. Louis Browns, he was the catcher for the first black pitcher in the American League, Satchell Paige. 

January 21, 2016

Confirmed Card of the Year For 2016...and 2017

The Hassak Triplets are seen briefly in the cantina scene in The Force Awakens and although I've seen the film twice I failed to notice them at all. So pulling this card in Star Wars Card Trader is like learning you've missed possibly the most remarkable part of the film! According to Wookiepedia, you can also see them briefly during the battle scene outside Maz Kanata's castle. 

January 16, 2016

Beginning An Andy Pafko Custom Card Project

I've been seriously considering getting into designing and making actual custom cards recently. Although I've made some original cards before they live mostly in the digital world. I think I'm going to start with an Andy Pafko card (of course) and want to work a cut autograph into the design. Well, I've tracked down the autograph I'm planning on using which came straight from eBay for just a few dollars. And thankfully I won't have to destroy another card or photograph to create my card. 

Overall, one of my favorite designs is the 1960 Leaf set and I think I'm going to try to start with something black and white and clean looking. I'll certainly update you on my progress and if you have any tips or tricks, give me a comment below.