The Trading Card Preservation Society Podcast Episode #12 Is Here With Force Awakens Predictions

Today Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I are back with another episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society. We recorded this episode at the Roswell, GA card show and we cover four main topics. We begin with a $10 Challenge/Secret Santa gift exchange from the card show. 

We are both very excited about the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens and we offer a whole lot of predictions about the movie. We vote "No" on any mention of midi-chlorians and "Yes" to a scene of pure fan service! We also squeeze in a discussion on the finally released 2015 Topps Doctor Who and talk about the Netflix series Jessica Jones. Colligere Omnia!

You can stream the episode below, download it directly here, and [in a few moments when the feed updates] also find it on iTunes and Stitcher


Adam Kaningher said…
I so hope Darth Jar Jar is a thing.
night owl said…
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