My 2015 Andy Pafko Collection Pickups

2015 is coming to the end and so it is time to sort out my additions to my Andy Pafko collection that haven't been taken off the needs list yet. As you can see I added several duplicate copies of Pafko's early Bowman and Topps cards. Many of these came through eBay auctions and some also arrived in trade packages from Reader Mike D. who I've been trading with for years now. 

The highlight of this new group is in the bottom right, an original 1957 Spic-n-Span card. These were issued by a dry cleaning company in Wisconsin and featured just Milwaukee Braves players from the time. It was one of the key original cards from Pafko's playing days that I was missing and it is now one of the jewels of my collection.


mike said…
There will be a couple more coming in the next trade. I'll have to scour the list again, but I'm almost positive I have one you don't have.
The other might be a duplicate, but it is what it is.
Reader Mike D.