$10 Challenge Card Exchange With Dave The Cardboard Junkie

At this past week's card show, Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I recorded a new episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society podcast and also did a $10 Challenge in which I picked out $10 of stuff for Dave and he picked out $10 of stuff for me. We did the exchange live on the podcast so you can hear it all there and here are photos of what we got.

We will start with what I got Dave. We being with a complete 1988 Panini Baseball sticker set that has a new sticker book and all 480 stickers. This set me back $1.00 and the seller seemed very happy to get rid of it. There was another complete set in the $1.00 bin and as I drove away from the card show Dave was going back in to snag it! 

If there is one thing that Dave might like MORE than stickers it might be old mini tobacco cards. I found one on the table of probably our favorite seller at the show and picked it up for $2.00. The English tobacco cards were made for a much longer period than the American versions and this card dates back to somewhere in the 1930's.  

Knowing Dave is the biggest Atlanta Braves fan I know, I had a ton to choose from in picking some great cards for him. I'm talking Chipper Jones rookies for as far as the eyes can see. I tried to find something more unique and rare that he might not already have in his collection. I ended up going with a semi-rare 1962 Topps Stamps of Hank Aaron for $6.50. It's missing a couple pieces of the deckle edge but was a great looking piece.

Dave went the opposite route from me and went big on one card and found a great deal. I'm working towards completing the 1972 Topps set and be brought in one of the key rookie cards of the set. It's Carlton Fisk and Cecil Cooper's cardboard debut and although I appreciate how great Fisk was as a catcher, I'm a little more excited to finally have Cooper's rookie as he was a Brewer's legend and I am a Wisconsinite after all. I even got to meet him and got an autograph a few years ago when I was visiting my parents in Wisconsin.

1972 Topps #79