My Packer Season Ticket Update Is Here [2015 Edition]

It is hard to believe a year has gone by and that it is time to share another Packers Season Ticket waiting list postcard update. This year I've moved up to number 59,267 on the list to be able to buy Packers season tickets. I was originally a little over 70,000 on the list so I've completed about 15% of my journey up the list over 10 years...maybe it's actually time to start saving to be able to buy the actually tickets!

I tracked down all my previous postcards which is a minor miracle as I've lived in five different places [and two countries] since I initially put my name on the list back in 2006. The average of moving up more than 1,000 places is a bit off as the expansion to Lambeau Field a few years ago gave me a huge jump up the list. 

It's still going to take me more than 50 years to move up the list at the current rate although the Packers themselves frequently say it only takes about 30 years to move to the top of the list.