The Trading Card Preservation Society Takes The $10 Card Show Challenge

In the latest episode of the Trading Card Preservation Society, Dave the Cardboard Junkie and I both took part $10 Card Show Challenge in which we both tried to find the best possible cards for just $10. We talked about each card on the podcast but we thought it would be best to show them on the blog so you can really compare our cards. 

We'll begin with Dave's cards which were made up of four items. 

1. A couple Yaz 3D Kellogg's minis

2. A Wacky Packages unmarked checklist.

3. A Wilt Chamberlain 1971-72 Topps

4. A complete Superman III set...with Richard Pryor rookie cards!

How could I even try to compete with all that for $10?!? That's a good question. Here are my three cards.

1 A 1966 Topps Bob Uecker [with traded sentence on the back]

These last two were 50% off the list price so I' was still under the $10 limit. 

2. Fred Lynn bat relic. 

3. Bill Lee Fan Favorites autograph.

So who got the better deal? Leave a comment below with your winner!

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Marcus said…
I'd give you the edge, but I'm not much for non-baseball cards, so that might be the main reason. That Spaceman auto is my favorite of the bunch.
Captain Canuck said…
a complete Superman 3 set???

we have a winner.
defgav said…
Nice combined $20 haul. If the Wilt was in a little better condition, I might change my vote, but I'll give you the nod.
Fuji said…
Both of your purchases were solid... but Spaceman shot you over the top!