Tangential Pack Searching

The last time I went to the East Cobb County card show in North Atlanta I decided to dip my toe into the world of pack searching. One of the sellers had guaranteed hit packs that if you opened them there you could actually get some of your money back if it didn't have the hit.

I picked this 2015 Donruss Value Pack for $8. These are $5.00 by themselves and so you are essentially paying $3.00 for a lottery scratcher ticket in the form of  a relic card. So let's see what I got!

It's a bat relic from the Best Beard In Baseball [BBIB] Evan Gattis. He's having another solid year this time with the Astros who got him in a trade with the Braves in the off season.

2015 Panini Donruss Bat Kings #3 Evan Gattis Bat Relic


Ryan G said…
I think I know the dealer who sold you the pack... kinda overweight but not chubby, round face, friendly, thin-framed glasses? He ran some shows for a while (not sure if he still does) and frequently set up at shows too.

One thing I do miss from Atlanta is the card shows. Does Heather still set up too? (If you know her... older lady)
night owl said…
Nice-looking card ... if they toned down that Donruss logo.
Matt Flaten said…
Ryan, it could be. I've seen these packs of searched cards move from table to table from show to show so I don't think the actual owner/seller is there most fo the time. I only took the chance on this pack because it ended up on the table of a seller that I trust and buy from all the time. He's the seller who writes on the penny sleeves in this post:

They really did do a great job on their relic card designs this year.