My Louisville Slugger Error Bat

There was no way that I was getting out of the Louisville Slugger Museum without taking a bat with me. And you have an infinite amount of possibilities of that that bat will look like. You can get the mini bat [free if you take the tour], mini bats for just about any player, or a personalized full size bat engraved right in front of you. But what really caught my eye were the rejected/error bats. Something went wrong in their creation from tree to lumber to baseball bat and so they can be yours at a fraction of the price of a completed, perfect bat. 

Here's my bat which looks pretty standard minus the knobs on the top or bottom which haven't been cut off yet. 

I looked through that bat pile earlier for a bat that had a really powerful "Louisville Slugger" and "Powerized' brand on it and I think I did pretty well.

Flipping the bat around you will discover why it didn't meet Louisville Slugger's quality control. A big chunk of the bats barrel broke out during production and so it was into the discard pile with this one until I walked through the door.

In my next post I'll highlight the Topps exhibition they are staging at the museum through the end of October focusing on the pop culture sets Topps has made through the years.


JediJeff said…
I went, but we were late and only had time in the gift shop - no tour. I picked up a couple error bats, but they were far closer to the completed stage. I need to get a bat in this kind of condition for the corner of the man cave (which is more just a room in the house).
Fuji said…
Added this museum to my bucket list.