My Ghostbusters 2 Sketch Card From @TwitchWasHere

This card looks like a standard Ghostbusters 2 card featuring the ghost of Tony Scoleri from the courtroom scene. The sentence the judges gives activates the Mood Slime and brings back the Scoleri if I need to remind you of the story line of Ghostbusters 2!

Turn that card over and you'll find a secret sketch card of Peter Venkman drawn by everyone's favorite late night tweeter Lonestarr/@TwitchWasHere. He was selling some sketch cards on eBay a little while ago and I took a liking to this one as the red bar around the ghost in the Ghostbusters logo makes Venkman look slightly like a circus clown with a bright red nose.


Fuji said…
Awesome sketch! A little "clown" scary... but awesome nonetheless.