Keith Olbermann's Jim Kaat Card

It makes me sad that Keith Olbermann's ESPN show will be ending next week. Every once in a while he would shoehorn a baseball card segment into his broadcast and I would be happy to regularly share them here on the blog.

A few months ago he had Twins legend Jim Kaat on and in passing he mentioned that Olbermann took the photograph of Kaat that Donruss would use in the 1981 set. Here's the card:

1981 Donruss #536 Jim Kaat

I knew Olbermann had a few photographs included in the 1981 set but I've never been able to get a complete list of which cards they were. If you are reading this and happen to know the complete list please comment!

Here's the clip with Kaat:

Since Keith's done at ESPN again and burned his political TV bridges at MSNBC, I'm worried this might be the end of his career in terms of having a major network show in which he can do what he does best: be a pain in the ass to power and privilege. 


Commishbob said…
Supposedly in talks with MSNBC for a return engagement. I like him, too. But in small doses.
Fuji said…
I really enjoy Olbermann. I think it's b/c he stays in touch with the hobby. I might not always agree with his opinions, but in general... I admire the amount of sports trivia he keeps in his head.
Fuji said…
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