Finding A Toploader For My Andy Pafko Cigarette Advertisement

This past weekend at my local card show I stumbled upon a seller who was selling the largest toploader I had ever seen. Toploaders are, of course, usually slightly larger than the dimension of a standard baseball cards [4" x 3" to hold 3" x 2" cards] but this bad boy is 20" x 16.5" and comfortably holds my issue of The Sporting News from 1950 that features a full-page advertisement of my favorite player, Andy Pafko, endorsing Chesterfields Cigarettes. I was so happy to find this as I was struggling to find a good storage solution for this that didn't involve framing. 

Although I have looked at the ad many times I only just noticed that Andy is subtly flicking you off as he holds the Chesterfields box. This will certainly be my avatar for the foreseeable future!

I think Alec Baldwin and Glengarry Glenn Ross need to apologize to Chesterfield for stealing their A-B-C slogans! Although it did give us one of the best SNL Christmas skits that would have been perfect with a better performance.


Fuji said…
Beautiful. Makes me want to track down more issues of The Sporting News to see what other ads they used.