July 22, 2015

800K Readers Contest - Win Some Autographs And Relics!

It's been quite some time since I had a proper contest on the blog and with the blog passing 800,000 visitors on Tuesday I figured let's find a new home for some of my relics and autographs that I don't want anymore. And it's not all crap, there are many cards of All-Stars and one relic is for a Hall of Famer. Plus the rest could make some nice trade bait or a mixed lot for eBay if you are so inclined.

In total the winner will receive 40 cards...the only non-autograph/jersey/bat relic in the group is the red bordered Peterson /199 which is a $5 card all day long [as they say on Pawn Stars]...that is if you can find a sucker to buy it.

To win this stack, leave a comment below with the total number of career home runs listed on the backs of all the cards. The person coming the closest to the correct number will win the stack. 

Here are a few points to help you in making your estimates:

  • In adding up the totals I will use the career total number of home runs on each of the cards that include hitting stats. 
  • Along with the Peterson card there is one basketball autograph and one non-sport relic so only 37 cards could possibly have home run stats listed. Furthermore, of those 37 cards, 13 are relics/autographs for pitchers. 
  • Typically relic cards don't have stats on the back but a few do. Maybe take a random sampling of your relic cards to see how often this sort of thing happens. 

The contest will run through the rest of the week, ending on Sunday, July 26th at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced Monday, July 27th. 
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