Oversized Cards Messing Up My Card Organization

I have all my cards organized by player in jumbo boxes big enough to comfortably hold top loaders but every once in a while I get a graded card in a trade or some oddball at a card show at an acceptable price I couldn't say "no" to. I've got a shoe box of over sized and jumbo pickups  but I can never remember what is or isn't in there. Like for example I received Fernando Valenzuela's rookie card in a trade with Reader Mike D. quite a while ago but I had forgotten about it sitting in my over sized box...and as a side note, we need more cards with hot pink on them.

A little while ago I was going to write another Wally Moon uni-brow post and I totally forgot about picking up this 1962 Topps Baseball Bucks that actually looks like how a 1962 bill would look today.

I love the level of details on the back of these cards/bills.

I still don't have a 2015 Topps #1 Derek Jeter but I do have a 7.5 Jeter from Bowman's Best. Just look at those perfect 10 edges! No other card has better edges than this one!

I'm going to rescue this Jack Morris RC shortly and don't worry I didn't pay anywhere close to $13.00 for this. I don't remember but it was probably a $1.00.

This card was at my local card show because it features Dale Murphy but I picked it up because blog-favorite Cecil Cooper is being cramped by Murphy and Jim Rice. Another set builder was hoping for a gem mint I believe.

This card is just about the most sturdy case I've ever seen and it might even be able to take a few shots from Nolan to the side of its head without cracking.

I love these mid-grade vintage cards that I imagine were someone's attempt at getting a gem mint set together that didn't turnout as they hopped. I think I picked up good old Larry Lintz for $1.00.