Good News For Those Of You Who Love To Trade

I stopped by my local USPS office today which was a big mistake as it was Monday on the 1st of the month which means long lines for those needing money orders. I decided to wait out the line to get my last trade packages out and done and when I finally got face-to-face with the clerk I got some good news. As I nearly always do for trades I told her that I wanted the first class rate with tracking and as she was trying to get the computer to spit out the stamp she couldn't figure out how to get the tracking added. She eventually asked the clerk at the next window and she said that effective today [June 1st] the tracking was included in the first class shipping rate rather than being an added on item. The USPS does this for Priority items already and it is great news for those of use who have a lot of trades headed out that always require tracking.

I've searched around for an article explaining this change but I haven't found one yet. I can just confirm that I paid only the 1st class rate and received a tracking number with it. Be sure to comment if you are able to do the same at your local USPS.


RAZ said…
I read somewhere (maybe on the Blowout Cards forums?) that postage rates are going up as of June 1st, so maybe the added service comes with a price? I haven't done any verifying of any of this; it's all just rumors.
Your package arrived quick, and it was excellent! Thanks a ton.