David Wright Spring Training Photos + A Heartbreaking Original

I recently received a bunch of 1972 minis from Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball Cards and one of them was this David Wright card with his tongue out which reminded me I've got some David Wright Spring Training photos I could share.

Surely one of these would made a better photo than the one selected by Topps? Well, maybe not this one in which David Wright's tongue is out again.

These photos were taken at a Cardinals/Mets game back in March when I was down in Jupiter, Florida.

Maybe if the 1972 design was a little different I would pick a non-traditional photo like Wright taking off his brace but the design really calls for a close up photo.

More David.

Even more David.

Even more David Part 2.

And here's another one with Wright swinging with the tongue out.

Here's a nice one of Wright ready for the pitch with a smile on his face. So let's try using the 72 design with this photo. 

With a little cropping we get this.

Not too bad I think. My seats were up the first base line so I had to zoom in to get photos at the plate so the image quality is not quite perfect but I do like it better than the tongue photo.