Heartbreaking Damage: A Trimmed Goudey Spitballer

At first when you look at my 1933 Goudey card of Burleigh Grimes you might not notice something is missing. A previous owner of this card sometime between now and 82 years ago when the card was made decided to trim the red bottom border off the card that reads "Big League Chewing Gum." 

1933 Goudey #64 Burleigh Grimes

If you were too familiar with Goudey cards you might not notice it immediately just looking at the front but on the back you can see the text is cut off.

And just yesterday Burleigh Grimes made a brief appearance on a segment on the Olbermann program on ESPN. The topic was rule changes that could help pitchers and one suggestion was to legalize the spitball which Grimes was the last pitcher allowed to legally use the pitch.

My interest in Burleigh Grimes stems from his origin in Wisconsin .He was born in a Emerald, Wisconsin and like Andy Pafko and Hank Aaron played his professional debuts in my hometown of Eau Claire, WI. I had been looking for a nice copy of Grimes's 1933 Goudey for a while but a decent copy is at least $60.00 and so I quickly scooped up this damaged card for $12.00.


Nice card...at least what you got of it.