Combining Two Things I Love: Fleer Stickers + Andy Pafko Autographs

I'm not sure why I didn't think of the genius of combining two of my favorite collecting things before: Fleer stickers and Andy Pafko autographs. I found this beauty on eBay of an Andy Pafko TTM autograph on a 1983 Fleer sticker which got me thinking about a blog that had slipped off my radar, The Fleer Sticker Project. Much like former card blogging greats Dinged Corners and Treasure Never Buried, the number of posts have dwindled to just a handful a year but I challenge you to find a better on all things Fleer stickers.


Tony L. said…
In the late 1980s, I used to take these stickers to Brewers games to get autographs either from guys I didn't have cards for or from the opposing team. I have a couple of cool Twins stickers, in fact.