You're Going To Have To Step Up Your Wallet Card Game

I've seen a lot of great Wallet Card posts out there but, not to think too much of myself, I don't think I've seen a Wallet Card photo with a wild alligator a few feet away. I was able to snap this while on vacation in South Florida during an air boat tour of the Everglades. We saw five alligators in all during the tour but I only whipped the Wallet Card out [a.k.a. remembered I had it with me] until the last gator was swimming by.


Fuji said…
The Gwynn in my wallet is seriously envious of your Gorman.
Tony L. said…
The gators stayed away because Gorman willed it to be so.
mike said…
I like how Gorman just popped in to say hello as the gator casually moved aside to calmer waters.

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