Sy Berger On Cardboard

I was out of the baseball card collecting game in 2004 and so I missed out the Topps All-Time Fan Favorites set the first time around. It has become one of my favorites as I've picked up tons of singles through the years but it wasn't until Topps Vice-President Sy Berger passed away late in 2014 that I became aware this wonderful card existed. My podcasting partner Dave the Cardboard Junkie had an extra copy or two laying around his collection. and so I have one in mine now.

2004 Topps Fan Favorites #137 Sy Berger

The larger standard size card that Berger used in 1952 allowed for more extensive and comprehensive statistics than had ever been used before.

Digging around I was reminded that Topps put out another Sy Berger card this year, this time in the form of an over-sized 1951 Topps card. This card was a part of a set of 5x7 cards featuring modern players in the 1951 design. These were limited to /99 sets and I picked up #92 of those 99 copies.