RIP CanoScan 4400F 2008-2015

If there has been anyone [or anything] that has been with me since the beginning of this blog it has been my trusty CanoScan 4400F scanner. It's scanned 99% of every image you've ever seen on Heartbreaking Cards and my A Pack To Be Named Later posts and served me well for nearly seven years. I'm sad to announce good old Canny passed away in its sleep peacefully sometime over the weekend. 

Canny scanned thousands of cards for me and without its dependable service who knows where the blog would be today. Thank you again for your service and you will be missed.


Baseball Nut said…
Yikes! I have the 8600F so I know the pain you are experiencing.
Captain Canuck said…
my 4400F died last year... nothing has been able to replace it so far.
another reason my posting has almost stopped
Anonymous said…
I would like to express my condolences. I'm on my second scanner, and I still miss the first one.