New Topps Prints Offer Sy Berger Cut Autographs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the two Sy Berger cards I own and how it seems interesting that the father of modern trading cards hasn't appeared on too many at all. Topps seems to be making an effort to change that with a new run of 10x14 inch prints of Sy in the 1951 Topps design. The very cool thing about these new prints is that they include a Berger cut autograph and they will be hand numbered to $25. Topps is asking for $49.99 per print which is a pretty good deal considering his autographs can frequently be found for over $100.


defgav said…
I've got several Sy Berger signed Topps contracts I'm looking to trade or sell.
I wonder if Topps weeded out the autopen signatures for these cut autos. Pretty cool, though.
Fuji said…
It's pretty cool... but I just can't see myself hanging up a Sy Berger poster in my house. Although it wouldn't surprise me if these sell out in a few days. It's definitely a piece of hobby history.